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ValkarTech has an exceptional team of determined managers who are focused on achieving concrete results. Our experts are constantly looking for new challenges. As we are open to new ideas and technologies, we are flexible and know that adaptability is an essential quality to face our ever-changing world.  We use the latest tools to solve the problems of companies that call upon us. But it is mainly through our creative and collaborative strategic approach that we can reach new heights.  Learn more about our talented team.

Our team of specialized building hygiene and sanitation consultants advise and support you in the design, analysis, planning and quality control of all your activities related to the hygiene and sanitation of your buildings and facilities. Whether you need to make changes or set up new objectives or guidelines, our experts will provide you with sound advice and professional support every step of the way.  From strategic decisions making to developing your competencies, we are here to help you. Our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the industry will allow you to benefit from creative solutions that deliver concrete results. 



Matthew Lemieux


M. Lemieux has a degree in sheet metal and aircraft structural assembly. He bringa an ...


Martin Michaud  | M.SC

Biochemist, Professional chemist


Christian Dubois


Christian Dubois has held various important managerial positions in the health network for over 35 years.


Nathalie Thibault | B.SC / M.SC / MCB.A

Training Department Director

IT Solution Department

Firas Abdennadher

Developer / programmer

In addition to his double degree studies in Computer Engineering at the University of Sherbrooke, Firas is pursuing various certifications attesting to his passion for artificial intelligence, in particular by following the training courses of the NVIDIA Online Learning Institute. His AI skills were recently recognized and his efforts rewarded during his participation in the NASA SPACE APPS CHALLENGE 2020, where he won the first prize.

Meziane Chebeli

Developer / programmer

Meziane is a student in the Software Engineering program at École Polytechnique de Montréal. 

Michel Péladeau

External consultant, Ségam Télécom

With over 25 years of telecommunications and technology related experience ...