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André Côté M.Sc.,McB.A.

Senior Director, Food Safety

Cell :  438-868-0467

Email :

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André Côté is a certified microbiologist specialized in the analysis and control of pathogens in the agri-food industry.  His scientific training, combined with his years of management experience in food and pharmaceutical production, confers him a status of expert in food safety.

Throughout his professional career, André has been actively involved in various local, national, and international associations and organizations in both the food and hospital sectors.  The expertise he developed there led him to work with Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, where he contributed to the implementation of the Canadian Food Safety Regulations and the revision of the certification guides for surface disinfectants.  As a matter of fact, André has a unique expertise in the field of bacterial biofilms on inert surfaces.  This reputation is the result of several years of extensive research and analysis, complemented by an internship at the University of Montana.  He is the author of multiple publications on infection control in buildings in which he shares his discoveries on the dynamics of biofilms and describes the different approaches to measure and control them.   

With a solid experience as manager and scientist, André Côté will be able to accompany you in the development of your agri-food projects, whether it be for validation, continuous improvement, or quality control.  His knowledge of the food industry and his unique expertise in microbiological control inspire him to find innovative and efficient solutions to help you meet all your challenges.

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